In-Car Cleverness; an innovative 'end to end' solution enabling dealerships, manufacturers, rental operators & leasing and contract-hire companies to enhance customer engagement and improve profitability by continually listening to what a car has to say and then acting upon it.
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We use telematics to
connect the driver with the professionals they trust to provide protection on their journey, support if the unexpected happens and help to improve the cost of running their vehicle.

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We provide personalised and profitable CRM, unique to every vehicle using a mix of advanced telematics technology, intelligent data systems and a dedicated support centre that places the customer at the heart of everything we do.

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We offer a range of solutions with class leading intelligence derived from market leading technology to enhance the relationship between a leasing provider and their customer (or fleet manager and driver).  We help identify and target cost reduction, enhance the intimacy of the service provision and minimise the operational and financial risks of fleet management.

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We build tailored solutions that marry leading edge telematics with real-world services to help protect the rental asset, lower costs, manage risks and reduce the threat of fraud and theft.